Hall Of Fame

Pelimiehen palkinto

Pelimiehen palkinto is no-doubt the second most valued trophy that is delt in NSUT tournament, after the championship cup.

This personal trophy is given to a player who gives it all on the fields. Tournament stamina and NSUT spirit is also valued when considering who is worthy to be nominated to this list of legends. If you want your name to be written in the history of ultimate, your team should do well on the fields – and you should show your best through-out the weekend.

NSUT XXXIV Mikael Piippo

NSUT XXXIII Jaakko Junttu

NSUT XXXII Saska Karpansalo

NSUT XXXI Lassi Kallio

NSUT XXX Aki Pirttijärvi

NSUT XXIX Erkka Niini


NSUT XXVII Jyri Saarinen

NSUT XXVI Tomi Sandberg

NSUT XXV Juri Rouhiainen

NSUT XXIV Juha Hänninen

NSUT XXIII Teemu Lempinen

NSUT XXII Timo Paatola

NSUT XXI Mikko Mourujärvi

NSUT XX Pasi Tamminen

NSUT XIX Marjaana Träsbäck

NSUT XVIII Ari Rantalainen


Hartti Suomela Trophy

When all the top players started to gather in Vaasa to compete for the NSUT championship, we saw some dangerous moves on the fields. Our classic game venue Kauppis has had it walls tested by several players during the years. One of the stonehard fighters who gave it all on the fields (and did do some testing of how much the walls can take) was Hartti Suomela, who was once given a moped helmet as a tribute for his moves on the field.

Because mopeds are not cool anymore but people build houses, has the trophy been changed to a brick. This personal trophy is given to a player who plays the situations until the end, although their team is not always ranked on the first seeds.

NSUT XXXIV Maria Noponen

NSUT XXXIII Antero Heikkinen

NSUT XXXII Vilma Heinonen

NSUT XXXI Milo Brown

NSUT XXX Karoliina Lappalainen

NSUT XXIX Milo Brown


NSUT XXVII Maija Leino

NSUT XXVI Juho Pulakka

NSUT XXV Joni Rintala

NSUT XXIV Konsta Kokkonen

NSUT XXIII Jyri Saarinen

NSUT XXII Joni Rintala

NSUT XXI Marina Kuusivaara

NSUT XX Fiina Hiitola

NSUT XIX Tommi Rättö