Local transportation

We will organize a local transportation that is included in the tournament package. The bus will tour between the city center and tournament venue. The bus will take you there in the morning and get you back after the games. When arriving to the venues, the buses will stop at OP-Arena. The bus ride from the city takes about 15 minutes.

Bussi leaves from Omenahotelli (Hovioikeudenpuistikko 23).

07.30: JSW, Frozen, Whisquitos, Pollo, Aye-aye, Kettuketer, HUH
08.30: Flight Club, Team FreeFlyers, TaLeNTS, Skuba Divers, Lady Duckies, Chiquitos
09.30: Joukkue, TT-lätty, Daaras Stars, FreezBeez, Ground Zero, Kätyrit, OSU

The bus back to city centrum after the games leaves 17.15, 18.15 ja 19.15. and the last one drives to Svenska Klubben.

On Sunday morning the bus leaves to OP-Arena 9.00, 10.00 ja 11.00.